Spotted in Punch news (??? never heard of this) with title AI changing business landscape, say experts

It has vague quotes not always atributed, referring as a source ” a recent Google event.” like:

They noted AI was no longer a distant concept but a present-day tool reshaping the way businesses operate and grow with enterprises of all sizes tapping into the tech’s ability to enhance their processes, improve customer experiences, and unlock new growth potential.


The experts noted, “As AI becomes more prevalent across Africa, it is crucial to recognise that its adoption is more than just a technological upgrade and collaboration will ensure that the adoption of AI across business sectors is impactful and responsible, driving progress and prosperity on the continent.”

The use if “experts noted” is like a poor student paper using “research says”.

No idea about what Punch News is, apparently from Nigeria (checking my assumptions of princes offering money by email) but it has a subtitle of “Most Widely Read Newspaper” (experts must say this too).

This image is rather prolific for AI stories, a google reverse image search had hundreds of uses in blog posts, articles, reddit topics, but never a source.

Gotta trust a big blue head with an AI sticker!

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Source: Pumch News
Image Alt Text: profile of human shaped head filled with bright blue circuitry, glowing at the eye. A large AI icon appears where an ear might be. The head appears to be connected to circuit boards behind it