Woah here we get two tropes in one! Robots and mechanical brains. This image was used in the TechTalks article

The science of (artificial) intelligence

the article is quite good, railing against the formalist approach focused on mechanics and competing “leaderboard” positioning on accomplishments, all asking a question  “Do we have a science of intelligence?”


A larger, related, problem for artificial intelligence research is a lack of critical thinking. As long as performance improves, there is, too often, a failure to consider alternative hypotheses. For any given result, could another, perhaps simpler, model do the job as well?  Could there be another explanation for the observation?  This lack of critical thinking is most apparent in the claims that GenAI models, such as the GPT series or Google’s PaLM, or Meta’s Llama have “discovered” some emergent property, such as reasoning, cognition, a world model, or even sentience.  

It’s too bad such a well written argument clutched for such a cheesy image- only attributed as “Image generated with Bing Image Creator”, no prompt or link.



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Source: TechTalks blog
Image Alt Text: On the left a glistening white robot figure with a large light attached to forehead examines with some hand held instrument a brain like object encased in a metal skull